Missing Firsts

From the beginning, the Film Registry has been fond of adding significant firsts in cinema history. The following is a list of some that have yet to be added. I’m sure there are many that I’m missing. Please make suggestions in the Comment section at the bottom of the Home page.

1889: First film from Thomas Edison’s film studio—Monkeyshines, no. 1
1897: First known advertising film—for Admiral Cigarettes
1905: First American Christmas movie—The Night Before Christmas
1906: First Animation—Humorous Phases of Funny Faces
1910: First film made in Hollywood—In Old California
1910: First screen credit—Florence Lawrence in The Broken Oath
1911: First American three-reel film—Enoch Arden
1914: First American feature-length fiction film (74 minutes)—The Squaw Man
1915: First full-frontal nudity—Hypocrites
1915: First appearance of W.C. Fields—Pool Sharks
1919: First Felix the Cat cartoon—Feline Follies
1922: First two-color 3D film—The Power of Love
1922: First same-sex kiss—Manslaughter
1926: First film to use synchronized sound—Don Juan
1928: First all-talking motion picture—Lights of New York
1929: The Marx Brothers’ first film—The Cocoanuts
1929: First all-talking color motion picture—On With the Show
1930: First Betty Boop cartoon—Dizzy Dishes
1930: First color sound cartoon—Fiddlesticks
1932: First Goofy cartoon—Mickey’s Revue
1932: First three-strip Technicolor film—Flowers and Trees (added in 2021)
1933: First Three Stooges short—Nertsery Rhymes
1933: First Popeye cartoon—Popeye the Sailor
1934: First Donald Duck Cartoon—The Wise Little Hen
1935: First Porky Pig Cartoon—I Haven’t Got a Hat
1937: First Daffy Duck Cartoon—Porky’s Duck Hunt
1940: First Tom and Jerry cartoon—Puss Gets the Boot
1940: First Bugs Bunny cartoon—A Wild Hare
1940: First Woody Woodpecker cartoon—Knock Knock
1947: First Hollywood film to address anti-Semitism—Crossfire
1949: First Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote cartoon—Fast and Furry-ous
1952: First stereoscopic 3-D motion picture—Bwana Devil
1953: First film released in CinemaScope—The Robe
1954: First film released in VistaVision—White Christmas
1956: First musical to include rock and roll songs performed by the original artists—The Girl Can’t Help It
1964: First made-for-TV movie—See How They Run
1990: First film to receive an NC-17 rating—Henry & June