Missing Firsts

From the beginning, the Film Registry has been fond of adding significant firsts in cinema history. The following is a list of some that have yet to be added.

1889: First film from Thomas Edison’s film studio—Monkeyshines, no. 1
1897: First known advertising film—for Admiral Cigarettes
1905: First American Christmas movie—The Night Before Christmas
1906: First Animation—Humorous Phases of Funny Faces
1910: First film made in Hollywood—In Old California
1910: First acting screen credit—Florence Lawrence in The Broken Oath
1911: First American three-reel film—Enoch Arden
1912: First appearance of the Keystone Kops—Hoffmeyer’s Legacy
1914: First American feature-length fiction film (74 minutes)—The Squaw Man
1914: First feature-length comedy—Tillie’s Punctured Romance
1915: First full-frontal nudity—Hypocrites
1915: First appearance of W.C. Fields—Pool Sharks
1919: First Felix the Cat cartoon—Feline Follies
1922: First two-color 3D film—The Power of Love
1922: First same-sex kiss—Manslaughter
1922: First film to have a Hollywood premiere—Robin Hood
1926: First film to use synchronized sound—Don Juan
1928: First all-talking motion picture—Lights of New York
1929: First musical with an all African-American cast—Hearts in Dixie
1929: The Marx Brothers’ first film—The Cocoanuts
1929: First all-talking color motion picture—On With the Show
1930: First Betty Boop cartoon—Dizzy Dishes
1930: First color sound cartoon—Fiddlesticks
1932: First Goofy cartoon—Mickey’s Revue
1932: First three-strip Technicolor film—Flowers and Trees (added in 2021)
1933: First Three Stooges short—Nertsery Rhymes
1933: First Popeye cartoon—Popeye the Sailor
1934: First Donald Duck cartoon—The Wise Little Hen
1935: First Porky Pig cartoon—I Haven’t Got a Hat
1937: First Daffy Duck cartoon—Porky’s Duck Hunt
1940: First Tom and Jerry cartoon—Puss Gets the Boot
1940: First Bugs Bunny cartoon—A Wild Hare
1940: First Woody Woodpecker cartoon—Knock Knock
1944: First Hollywood film to address anti-Semitism—Address Unknown
1949: First Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote cartoon—Fast and Furry-ous
1952: First stereoscopic 3-D motion picture—Bwana Devil
1953: First film released in CinemaScope—The Robe
1954: First film released in VistaVision—White Christmas
1956: First musical to include rock and roll songs performed by the original artists—The Girl Can’t Help It
1964: First made-for-TV movie—See How They Run
1990: First film to receive an NC-17 rating—Henry & June