Shout! Factory

Shout! Factory is a DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K label. An asterisk indicates the title is out of print on Shout! Factory.

Carrie (1976/2022)
Dances With Wolves* (1990/2007)
The Decline of Western Civilization (1981/2016)
The Deer Hunter (1978/1996)
Fargo (1996/2006)
Going My Way (1944/2004)
Halloween (1978/2006)
House of Usher (1960/2005)
The Magnificent Seven (1960/2013)
Platoon (1986/2019)
The Producers* (1967/1996)
T.A.M.I. Show (1964/2006)
When Harry Met Sally… (1989/2022)